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Gestamp to open seventh plant in Brazil

Gestamp Betim
Gestamp Betim


Gestamp, a Spanish multinational specialising in the design, development and manufacture of metal components for the automotive industry, has set up a new hot stamping plant in Betim (Minas Gerais, Brazil). The company has invested 24.9 million euros in the new facility that will serve Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA). Gestamp will now be able to supply FCA from within the country. It will be supplying the Fiat Palio and Siena models with new specifications and the latest technology. Specifically, the new plant, which will also be equipped with laser cutting and assembly cells, will manufacture structural and body parts. The facility, which is currently doing test runs and will be ready for mass production by Summer, will employ a total of 82 people by the end of 2017. The Betim plant's stamping line reinforces Gestamp's commitment to this technology in Brazil. Loire Gestamp, the Group company specialised in the design and manufacture of press lines, was commissioned to design, produce and install the hot stamping line in the new plant, which includes a 1,200-ton press. This line includes automatic connections to change tooling, thermal imaging cameras and a monitoring system. The President and CEO of Gestamp, Francisco Riberas, noted that "our commitment to the country remains intact" and he went on to say that he believes that "our presence in Brazil through plants currently in operation, and the new one that we are announcing now, will allow the company to grow in anticipation of the country's economic recovery". The head of Gestamp added that the group "hopes to achieve sustainable growth in Brazil and is looking to satisfy its customers' demands with the highest quality and technology”. [b]75 hot stamping lines in the Group[/b] Gestamp now has 75 hot stamping lines worldwide. This technology allows for a significant reduction in the weight of the body structure, thereby reducing vehicle emissions. Likewise, the hot stamping process improves behaviour in the event of a collision and contributes to passenger safety. Gestamp is one of the largest global providers of hot-stamped components. Its industrial model covers the whole value chain, including the manufacture of dies and press lines. [b]The seventh Gestamp plant in Brazil[/b] Gestamp's new plant in Brazil is its seventh in this market. In addition, the company has an R&D Centre in the country that is working to lighten the weight of vehicles and to increase their safety. The Spanish multinational is already supplying in Brazil General Motors, Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, PSA, Honda, FCA and Ford as its main customers. Gestamp's turnover in Brazil was 246 million euros in 2016. The Brazilian automotive market is the tenth largest worldwide. After a fall in volume since 2014, it is expected that vehicle manufacturing in the country will begin growing again from 2017. IHS forecasts 13% growth for this year.


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