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Diversity & inclusion to develop talent

"Our people are our most important pillar. With more than 90 nationalities in 24 countries, we strive to provide them with the training and tools necessary for their professional growth, focusing on upskilling and reskilling to develop talent regardless of age, gender, race or nationality"


Gestamp understands that people in the company have different objectives and is willing to help them achieve these goals by offering mobility, training, and development within a safe and diverse work environment.

Gestamp has been able to face major challenges in terms of talent arising from the company's continuous growth and internationalization process, which has required permanent adaptation of the organizational structure, resizing of the workforce, standardization of processes, training in new technologies, talent management and promotion of the corporate culture.


Gestamp understands diversity, whether in terms of gender, generation, or geography, as a key competitive advantage for its business, in the same way that it promotes equality and inclusion as priority responsibilities in its people management model.

Gestamp is a geographically diverse company that operates in 24 countries and has a team of more than 43,000 people and more than 90 nationalities. Gestamp's capacity for integration is also evident in the variety of ages that make up the teams, fostering innovation in problem solving through the different visions offered by each generation.

The automotive sector is still far from reaching parity in terms of gender, but Gestamp strives to increase the proportion of women in the workforce thanks to the promotion of measures implemented in the Equality Plans and the encouragement of the incorporation of women in the industry.

Training and talent development

The process of recruiting, developing, and retaining talent is fundamental to Gestamp in order to have the best professionals and ensure success in the execution of the strategy.

Training is the key to the development of the professionals of the future. At Gestamp, innovation and the digitalization of processes are essential to achieve the quality standards and operational excellence needed to be competitive.

Gestamp works on 'Upskilling' and 'Reskilling' programs with specific training plans for its employees through its Corporate University and for students and professionals through collaboration with universities and educational centers.

The driving force of the company is its team. Gestamp is committed to the development of internal talent and collaborates in the specialized training of future talent to promote access to decent, quality work.