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Environmental targets

Minimal impact for maximum environmental targets

"Our planet has limited resources. We must protect them at all costs by using them efficiently and appropriately.  That is why at Gestamp we work hard to reduce our footprint and protect natural resources"

Environmental management

The environmental management carried out at Gestamp is comprehensive. Environmental criteria are applied at all stages of production: from the selection of suppliers and the optimization of raw materials to the management of energy consumption required for the manufacture of components, waste management and the management of greenhouse gas emissions during the product use phase.

To control and minimize the environmental impact of its activity, Gestamp has established its own Environmental Performance Index. This evaluates and represents the environmental performance of the company's more than 100 production centers with common criteria based on the highest standards, regardless of the legislation or the country in which each center is located.

Gestamp's Environmental Management System is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 or EMAS II standards.

Environmental Policy

Sustainable use of resources


Water is a limited natural resource for which Gestamp has savings and efficiency plans.

Water consumption in production plants is mainly for sanitary use. In those plants where surface treatment processes are carried out, such as painting or galvanizing of parts, or hydroforming processes, there is industrial water consumption.

Gestamp promotes good practices for the reuse and reduction of water consumption in all its industrial processes and production facilities.

Raw materials

Steel and aluminum are the raw materials most used in the production processes, representing 96% and 3% respectively by weight of the total materials consumed.

Gestamp is working to reduce all this consumption by identifying and implementing best practices. Process efficiency, quality, product design and tooling are fundamental to optimize and reduce raw material consumption.

Zero waste certification

Gestamp has a waste management model that promotes responsible practices in the treatment of residual materials. More than 98% of Gestamp's waste is recycled, reused, and recovered instead of being deposited in landfills.

In 2021 the company achieved AENOR Zero Waste certification, highlighting its Circular Economy model, which can reintroduce the waste it generates back into the value chain.

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