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Gestamp has always accompanied the client, adapting to their technological needs. It has moved from being a small local stamping company to a global and multitechnology, leader in Hot Stamping.

Now, Gestamp has a large portfolio of technologies, which allow working in different formats and materials. Productive processes that cover the entire value chain. From the internal capacity of manufacturing of presses and dies, to finishing technologies, and a wide range of forming technologies, as well as welding and assembly.


Ges/Multistep is the latest generation of hot stamping. This technology allows making ultra-high-strength steels parts through a fast succession of consecutive stamping steps. During the process, parts pass through several pressing stations in quick succession and experience a rapid but gradual cooling. This way, Gestamp manages to obtain a sophisticated geometry for its parts, as well as a better crash behavior and lightweight performance.

Hot Stamping

Gestamp is the largest global supplier of hot stamping parts. Our press hardening production model cover the entire value chain from the manufacturing of our own dies to production lines.

Cold Stamping

Cold forming allows us to manufacture a range of parts from small reinforcement parts to a complete car body side. We operate presses in the upper range of forces of greater than 1,000 tons and consequently we are able to stamp high strength materials. Ultra high strength steels are an important part of weight reduction solutions for the car body structure.

High strength steels stamping

As a result of greater demand for collision impact response and weight reduction in the structural components of the body, there is a growing use of high strength steels. Gestamp’s experience in manufacturing processes and in the internal manufacturing of dies to work with HSS/UHSS materials is a guarantee of our product’s quality.


Gestamp operates several variations of roll forming and can perform automatic cutting, piercing, separating and laser welding. With this range of capabilities, we can manufacture parts with minimum material usage.


Hydroforming is a specialized type of cold forming that uses a high pressure hydraulic fluid to press room temperature tubes into a die. Hydroforming allows complex shapes with concavities to be formed, which would be difficult or impossible with standard stamping.

Welding and Assembly

Gestamp’s body shops use the most advanced technologies for assembling complex. We uses parts resistant or spot welding in the welding of Ultra High Strength Steel and Press Hardening parts. Our welding cells are typically highly automated and we use automated robots to perform several of the most precise operations inside the welding cells to achieve maximum cost reduction and ensure we produce the highest quality assemblies.

Laser Welded Blank

We use a special process of laser welding in all the different aspects of our production. Laser welding technology is not limited to flat material welding and is used also to weld different parts into an assembly. The advantages of laser welding are the very short time cycles and minimal deformation due to the reduced thermic effect.


Patchworks Blanks technology allows us to obtain stamped components of multiple thicknesses from steels with different mechanical characteristics. This makes it possible to increase passive safety, provide lighter solutions, reduce the number of components in the assemblies and improve competitiveness. This technology combined with stamping, both cold and hot, allows Gestamp to design and manufacture of products with an optimal use of materials.