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Health, safety & wellbeing

Health, Safety & Wellbeing for all

"Gestamp is fully committed to the safety of our own. 
Our priority is to build a safe and healthy work environment for all, engaging all members in the responsibility of striving towards a culture of prevention. Safety by choice, not by chance"

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is a priority for Gestamp. Gestamp's firm investment in innovation and business development is also reflected in its ongoing commitment to offer its employees, and any company that works in its facilities, a safe and healthy environment.

In terms of prevention, Gestamp has evolved from classic accident control to its own ambitious management system, which is even stricter than the local legislation in some countries.

This GHSS (Gestamp Health & Safety System) is based on a balanced scorecard with a global GHSI (Gestamp Health & System Indicator) developed internally, which makes it possible to evaluate the safety system of all plants in a homogeneous and consistent manner.

Implemented throughout the group, GHSS is a robust system that seeks continuous improvement and considers both risk analysis and the definition of standards and procedures, as well as training, in order to ensure the safety of workers in a healthy environment.

In addition to the GHSS, Gestamp's plants are certified under the international ISO 45001 standard.

Passive security to protect everything that matters

"Gestamp always travels with you even when you can't see it, protecting what matters thanks to the parts that make up the passive safety of vehicles"


Gestamp designs and manufactures car components that protect people in the event of an impact.

The company is a pioneer in the hot stamping manufacturing process, one of the most advanced technologies for improving crash behavior and passenger safety.

In addition, high-strength steel products significantly improve the ability of vehicles to withstand impacts.

Improvements in the energy absorption of Gestamp products, both chassis and body, increase passive safety in vehicles. Moreover, passive safety solutions are being developed and produced by our mechanisms unit, achieving good results in improving pedestrian safety thanks to the hood hinges.

This is how Gestamp works to achieve an increasingly safer car, focusing on identifying formulas to increase the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians.

Our Innovation focus on safety

Health & Safety documentation

Gestamp Health & Safety System

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Healthy and Safety Policy at Gestamp

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