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Gestamp has a wide range of products that are integrated into the body of the vehicle and define its structure. The activity of Gestamp includes all the processes of the manufacture of the components, so that it covers the entire value chain. From the creation of presses and dies, to the manufacture and finishing of the product.



Body products (Body-in-White or BIW) form the structure that supports the vehicle and protects the driver and other passengers. The behavior of these pieces is key in terms of safety and lightening of weight.

Gestamp has a wide products portfolio that includes large components and assembly parts, such as bonnets, roofs, doors and mudguards, as well as other high quality, class-A surface and assembly parts that are used to create the visible exterior skin of vehicles. Other products also include important structural and crash-related elements, such as floors, pillars, rails and wheel arches, which, together with the exterior skin components and assembly parts, form the essential upper and under body (platform) structures of vehicles.


Gestamp has wide experience in the production of chassis parts. Aware of the importance of these products for the performance and safety of the vehicle, Gestamp offers solutions that meet all the requirements in terms of lightweight and safety.

The chassis comprises the under body of vehicles and includes systems, frames and related parts, such as front and rear axles and couplings, control arms and integrated couplings, which connect the body and the powertrain of a vehicle and support its weight. These structures are essential for the dynamics, performance and safety of vehicles and have a particular influence as regards noise, vibrations, driving and impacts.


After the acquisition of Edscha in 2010, Gestamp expands its product portfolio with the manufacture of mechanisms, such as hinges, door checks, electrical systems and powered systems. These components offer great functionalities and have an important role in safety and comfort.

In the product portfolio are hinges for doors, bonnets and boot doors, door checks and door, hinges, which enable users to open and close a vehicle’s bonnet, side doors, rear doors and boot, as well as pedal systems and hand brakes. Mechanisms also include powered systems that allow vehicle doors to open and close electrically and by means of remote activation.

In the different business units, body components, powered systems and driver controls, Edscha has achieved a leading position in the market.

Presses and Dies

Loire Gestamp, branch of Gestamp group, is a company engaged in the design and manufacturing of all types of hydraulic presses. It uses cutting-edge technology and has extensive experience in the sector, thereby ensuring clients receive the best service. It also offers great flexibility in terms of adapting its products to the specific needs of each project.

Hot stamping, cold stamping, hydroforming and try out of tools are its main areas of working.

Loire Gestamp Press Hardening Video

Gestamp has internal capabilities for the development and manufacture of dies, covering the entire value chain: design, machining, construction, tuning, prototyping and monitoring.

In this way, Gestamp keeps within the group the maximum experience in stamping processes, both cold and hot, achieving the optimization of quality and commitment to cost.

Gestamp´s Tooling