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Industry 4.0

Building Gestamp´s path towards a SMART FACTORY

At Gestamp, we currently have diverse ongoing Industry 4.0 initiatives that cover from the different production processes such as hot stamping, cold stamping or arc welding to auxiliary processes, such as maintenance, logistics, quality or energy.


To create more efficient and flexible manufacturing plants and more consistent and reliable processes through the analysis of our data, by adding intelligence to the processes and getting the right information to the right people.


We are continuously working on new projects and initiatives to integrate and maximize the potential that new technologies can offer in order to complete our goal, to achieve the SMART FACTORY.

#SmartFactory: Cold 4.0 project

Industry 4.0 projects are very complex and they present a continuous challenge. One of the success pillars of these projects lies in the absolute commitment of our suppliers, with whom we build a relationship of trust and commitment between partners. 

Within the Industry 4.0 initiatives, Gestamp develops the Cold 4.0 project in Poland, which collects more than 30,000 variables in a single cold stamping line. The challenge is transforming this data into appropriate information, making it available to the right person at the accurate time to facilitate the decision-making process. 


#SmartFactory: Data Analytics

In Industry 4.0, Big Data is essential. Gestamp, through the Advanced Analytics team, studies all the variables of the different Industry 4.0 projects in order to improve processes and offer an additional value to the plant. The digitalization of all expert knowledge, translated into algorithms and codes, provides useful and simple information for our plants daily work.

#SmartFactory: Chassis Quality Project

Gestamp has developed the Chassis Quality Project with the objective of exceeding the quality expectations of the chassis parts, key to vehicle safety as part of our commitment to customers. As a project’s result, the Global Quality Digital Certificate has been created to collect and store all the information related to production. This data, together with the unitary traceability of the parts, allows Gestamp to have an absolute control of all the chassis parts produced. The project is now in the implementation phase in several plants of the group.