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For Gestamp Research and Development is a priority. Innovation is a key factor for success through differentiating our products and services. Through Innovation, Gestamp seeksto anticipate new technological trends and offer differentiating products that meet the requirements of efficiency, lightweight, cost, quality and safety. With 13 R&D Center around the world, in Gestamp we understand that innovation is one of the most important keys to keeping us in a strong and differentiated position in the automotive sector. When designing and manufacturing our products, we work closely with automobile manufacturers from the early stages of development up to final production. Besides allowing us to meet their expectations in terms of current products, this collaboration makes it easier to jointly develop body related concepts and technologies for the future.

Weight reduction

Gestamp works continuously on developing lighter vehicles. Weight reduction is one of Gestamp's main research areas. This is one of the most demanded requirements in the automotive sector due to the need to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions.
The body-in-white and chassis components are essential for achieving the emissions objectives. Gestamp provides innovative solutions to offer the best weight-reducing results and to meet the strictest requirements in the sector.
Extensive experience in hot stamping technology and the development of multi-material solutions have given rise to several alternatives for achieving lighter vehicles.


Gestamp works hard to achieve an increasingly safer car, focussing on identifying formulas that lead to greater safety both for the occupants of the vehicle and pedestrians.
Gestamp is a pioneer in manufacturing products using hot stamping, which is one of the most advanced technologies for improving performance and passenger safety in the event of a collision.
Furthermore, our high-strength steel products significantly improve the ability of vehicles to withstand impacts.
The improvements made in energy absorption in Gestamp products, regarding both chassis and body-in-white, increase the passive safety of vehicles. Furthermore, our mechanism unit is developing and creating passive safety solutions and it is obtaining good results in improving pedestrian safety thanks to bonnet hinges.


Driver experience, comfort and dynamics are some of the key aspects that users take into consideration.
Gestamp develops solutions that improve comfort and ease when using the vehicle, such as components that reduce vehicle noise and vibrations, and electrical systems that automatically lift or hold up the boot or that open doors with the highest level of safety thanks to a full range of sensors that help to prevent impacts.

Gestamp EV Concept

Gestamp has always known how to adapt to new trends in the sector, converting the challenge that comes with the entrance of electric vehicles in the market into an opportunity.
One of the main innovations that Gestamp offers is the battery box for electric vehicles. The battery box meets the high safety standards on collisions and the specific regulations relating to crashes and emissions, as well as seal requirements.
Gestamp offers an innovative solution for aluminium battery boxes, which improve vehicle weight reduction and ensure a tight seal by combining different assembly technologies.

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