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Gestamp R&D team works every day to optimize the production processes and ensure that the products meet the requirements of efficiency, lightweight, cost, quality, comfort and safety.

Battery Box

Sergio Faria, Battery Tray Leader, summarizes the advantages of battery boxes designed by Gestamp.

Gestamp is developing battery boxes that include multi-material solutions with aluminum frames, steel modules and different assembly materials. Gestamp battery boxes are modular and scalable, so are easier and safer to repair, in case necessary.


Hot Forming Aluminium

María Giménez, Process Engineer, R&D BIW - Lightweight, explains how hot stamping process for aluminum BIW works.

The process involves the use of new high-strength aluminum alloys and consist of heating the aluminum blanks to the range to 500 degrees to obtain optimum shapes.

Door Ring

Xavier Valencia, R&D BIW - Co-Development Product Manager, shows the characteristics of the One-Piece Press Hardened Door Ring.

The Door Ring designed by Gestamp integrates multiple parts into one piece, reducing the complexity of the final assembly line and optimizing the robustness of the material with tailored welded blanks and no overlapping areas.



Laura Galceran, Advanced Process Engineering, summarizes the advantages in flexibility that are achieved in the parts by applying the Laser BKT process.

Laser BKT or Ges/Softbend process is a laser heat treatment on boron steel, applied to obtain soft zones with huge advantages.  This innovation offers a solution to tailor hot stamped parts by softening locally the areas that should deform.

Crash Management System

Isabel García, R&D Product Engineer, explains the characteristics of Crash Management System technology, which is used in many of the Gestamp bumpers.

Bumpers with CMS technology reduce the force of the crash in case of impact and improve the lightness of the vehicle thanks to its reduced weight.