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Ethics & good governance

Ethics & good governance, this is the way

"Transparency, commitment, business ethics and guidance; these are the values we focus on to strengthen the bonds of trust with our stakeholders"


Ethics and integrity are fundamental pillars of Gestamp's business model. Decisions and actions within Gestamp contribute to the building and maintenance of its reputation and have an impact on the trust that stakeholders have in Gestamp.

Sustainability on the Board

In 2021, Gestamp's Board created the Sustainability Committee as a clear example of the Board's strategic focus on ensuring the long-term ESG strategy and strengthening trust among its stakeholders.

The committee developed the ESG strategic plan, while the Board was the body responsible for its approval. Support in defining, monitoring, and enforcing the implementation of the plan is the responsibility of the board committee.

Human Rights

Gestamp is aware of the responsibility of the business community in relation to human rights, not only through its direct activities, but also through all its business relationships.

Gestamp's Human Rights Policy, in accordance with the Code of Conduct, establishes its own due diligence process that makes it possible to identify the real and potential risks of human rights violations that may arise from Gestamp's normal activities.

Code of Conduct

Gestamp has a Code of Conduct that is the common frame of reference for the ethical and respectful behavior of the members of the governing bodies and of the employees contractually linked to the Group's companies or to any of Gestamp's subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, as majority shareholder.

Code of Conduct