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Social contribution

Social Contribution to the growth of society

"Our decisions are guided towards long-term commitment and the generation of social and economic value for the growth and support of local communities where we’re present"

Social Contribution

Gestamp understands sustainability as a balance between economic growth, social development, and proper management of its environmental footprint. In this sense, responding to the needs of the communities in which it is present and contributing to the improvement of people's quality of life is a responsibility and an opportunity to achieve sustainable business development.

Gestamp seeks to align its social contribution and its business activity through medium and long-term social projects in those communities, strengthening the trust between the company and the societies where it operates and increasing its positive contributions.

Social Action Policy

Gestamp's Social Action policy establishes three priority areas of action that align the social contribution with the business, maximizing the positive social impact.

  • Education and training: Gestamp is firmly committed to the socioeconomic development and industrial and digital technical training of young people to join the labor market in the best conditions, improving their employability, as well as the fight for equal educational opportunities and access to education for vulnerable groups.
  • Mobility and transportation: Road safety is a priority for Gestamp. For this reason, it develops initiatives, volunteering and donations related to road safety prevention and efficient driving. Within the field of mobility, it supports projects that promote mobility as a means of progress and improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.
  • Environment: Gestamp promotes initiatives that seek to preserve the environment in the communities in which it’s present, as well as those that promote energy saving and efficient use within the automotive sector.

Social Action Policy

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