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Edscha Builds New Plant in Mexico

Edscha builds its new plant in Mexico.
Edscha builds its new plant in Mexico.


The internationally operating automotive supplier Edscha, a member of the Spanish Gestamp Group since 2010, has laid the cornerstone for its new plant in Mexico. Torsten Greiner, Chief Executive Officer of Edscha, gave the go-ahead for construction of the first Edscha location in Mexico at an official ceremony today. For the Gestamp Group the new plant will be the sixth in Mexico. Edscha products are slated to come off the production line in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosí as early as December of this year.

“With our new site in Mexico, we come a big step closer to our goal of expanding the global presence of Edscha and taking production to the customer,” says Torsten Greiner. “The NAFTA region is a growth market and the site in San Luis Potosí is ideal for us owing to good educational facilities and a well-developed infrastructure. Mexico as a location offers further advantages – one is the resolute free-trade policy which the government pursues. Mexico has free trade agreements with more than 42 countries.”

300 New Jobs Planned in the Medium Term

In the new plant, Edscha will manufacture its entire product range for numerous international automakers. The first products will be door hinges, door checks, liftgate hinges and hood hinges, with and without pedestrian protection systems. Later on, the local production of Powered Systems for automatic opening and closing of rear lids and liftgates is also planned.

The first machines will be installed as early as September. They include ultramodern assembly systems and, as a next step, machines and equipment for processing rolled parts and forged parts, and later on for the assembly of plastic parts.

During the first construction phase, the new Edscha plant will occupy around 3,800 square meters; at the end of 2016 some 60 persons will be employed at Edscha in Mexico. The plant is scheduled to grow to as much as 10,000 square meters and some 300 employees during the coming years.