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Gestamp's new specialised laser cutting plant will be located in Álava

The area where the new plant will be located
The area where the new plant will be located


Gestamp's new specialised laser cutting plant, which represents an investment of 14.3 million euros, will be set up in Álava and located at the Arasur industrial complex, in Ribavellosa. The new installation will be located on an industrial site spanning 8,500 metres and will be equipped with 14 laser cutting cells, and robotised welding cells.

The plant will be the first of its kind in Euskadi and within the Group, as well as one of the largest in Europe. This machinery will be used for cutting parts for Volkswagen, Seat and Opel. Gestamp will commence installing the machinery in November, so that manufacturing can commence in 2017.

Thus, the work to adapt the industrial facilities, which will be leased, will now begin and continue until the end of the year, and the laser cells will be installed progressively. The plan provides for the hiring of around 100 workers before 2017, when manufacturing will commence.

The project, which counts with the participation of the Basque Government, is part of the investments in Euskadi announced by Gestamp in March of this year. The company signed a protocol agreement with the government to facilitate the establishment in Euskadi of the Gestamp Technology Institute (GTI), the Group's centre of reference in terms of training in new technologies.  

The Director of Gestamp's Northern Europe Division, Unai Agirre, stressed that the company “has found in Euskadi and its institutions a loyal partner that understands to perfection the needs of the industry and is committed thereto”. Additionally, he pointed out that “the Basque Country is a region in which Gestamp has established strong roots since the beginning of its activity, a region that the company considers favourable to industrial activity”. 

At present Gestamp has five plants in Euskadi (Gestamp Bizkaia, Matricerías Deusto, Adral, Gestamp Tool Hardening and Loire Safe). Gestamp currently has more than 1,600 employees in the Basque Country.

On the other hand, Euskadi is a company nerve centre. It is the headquarters of the Northern Europe Division that oversees 21 plants on the continent, as well as the global decision-making centre for the Group's chassis, stamping and machinery activity. In addition, Gestamp also carries out in Euskadi intensive innovation work, with an R&D centre located in Amorebieta.