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Students from 11 different countries have graduated Gestamp Industrial Project Management Master 3rd

Graduation Gestamp Master
Graduation Gestamp Master


A total of 28 students of 11 different nationalities attended the Graduation Ceremony for the Master Degree Program in International Industrial Project Management (Máster en Dirección Internacional de Proyectos Industriales), organized by the ICADE Business School and Gestamp.  The nearly 30 students studied theory for some five months, and another four travelled to different international destinations in which Gestamp has its work centers in order to carry out internships in a real business environment for the management of global projects.

The ceremony was chaired by Robert Robinson, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE), and attended by Marta Urdiain, Training and Development Manager at Gestamp, Mariano Ventosa, Director of the School of Engineering (ICAI), Marta Muniz, Director of ICADE, and Amparo Merino, Master Director.

Urdiain praised the way in which “ethics, sense of responsibility and reflective capacity are taught as part of the subjects”. Values ​​that "are consistent with the company's motivation, the value of well done work, honesty and humility". For that reason, Urdiain added: “Gestamp wants to continue working with the university and is confident to improve this innovative international program even more".

Ventosa said that the Master “is designed to meet the needs of the management of a global company like Gestamp". Addressing the students explained: “Global companies need managers with deep knowledge of different disciplines, and you will be able to make the right choices by understanding how economic and technological factors affect to the Company"

On behalf of teachers, Alberto Sols congratulated the students on their achievement and encouraged them “to always keeping fighting in an increasingly complex world”. Jokin Garay also intervened on behalf of the students, with an emotional speech; Amparo Merino, in her last speech as Director of the Master, thanked the efforts of the students, and Marta Muniz, Director of ICADE Business School, closed the speeches congratulating students support to Gestamp Master.

The Master in Management of Industrial Projects of Gestamp combines industrial technical training in the automotive industry with solid financial expertise required for the financial management of a project. Throughout the entire program, theoretical training is combined with Gestamp plant tours and seminars given by company executives.

Gestamp is the only strategic supplier of leading automotive firms with a master degree in project management. The multinational company seeks to combine the practical and theoretical training within this program. Therefore, four out of the nine months that the Masters lasts are dedicated to an internship in real projects within the Group.

The Master in International Industrial Project Management sponsored by Gestamp, is facing its forth edition and registration entries period is opened right now. It began during 2012-2013 and since then 87 students have joined it. Currently, Gestamp has opened the deadline for submission of applications.