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Gestamp joins the celebration of the Dual Year

Sculptures in Fukuoka Gin Gin Park
Sculptures in Fukuoka Gin Gin Park


Gestamp, leader in design, development and manufacture of components and metal assemblies, sponsors the ‘MU Proyect’ Exhibit, that will be placed in Tokio and Fukuoka cities. The exhibit will show the Spanish sculptor Arturo Berned work. Gestamp has decided to support this initiative as a result of its compromise with the Spain-Japan Dual Year, which commemorates 400 years of Spanish-Japanese partnership.

The exhibit has been inaugurated by the AECID (Spanish International Cooperation Agency) Cultural Relationships Director, Ms. Itziar Taboada, Fukuoka Deputy Mayor, Masanao Nakazono, and Gestamp president and CEO, Francisco J. Riberas in an act celebrated in Fukuoka.

According to the author, ‘Mu Proyect’ is related to “a blank paper: an open-minded attitude, without preconceptions or prejudices that pays homage to Japan and its people”. The project consists in eight sculptures of more than two meters high made of steel, the main raw material of Gestamp industrial work. The sculptures capture respect and generosity values, two ideas that symbolize current friendship between Spain and Japan. In addition, the sculptures represent the relationship patterns of Japanese culture, inspired in the inclined ceremonial greeting.

Six of these figures will be placed in Grin Grin Park, in Fukuoka city. This space is a functional park that surrounds a circular pond with a lookout dominated by a greenhouse with smooth curves. Grin Grin Park is one of the most unique spaces designed by Toyo Ito architect, who recently was awarded with Priztker and has collaborated actively in ‘MU Proyect’. The sculptures will be integrated in free spaces between the pond and the greenhouse. 

The seventh sculpture will be located at the Embassy of Spain, and the eighth in a landmark of the city of TokyoThen, residents of the city and its visitors will be able to enjoy these pieces of art. Sculpture that closes the Exhibit is conceptually different from the other seven. The piece, entitled "Dual Year", is a 24 meters long "ribbon" of variable section that wraps itself without physical contact at any point in it tour, except the three points on which it is based. The 24 meter long ribbon represents the 400-year relationship between the two countries.