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Gestamp receives the V Fundación Consejo España China Award

V Fundación Consejo España China Award
V Fundación Consejo España China Award


Gestamp leader in design, development and manufacture of components and metal assemblies, has been recognized with the V Fundación Consejo España China (FCEC) Award. The Board of Trustees granted the Award to Gestamp in recognition of an icon of Spanish excellence in the automotive Spanish industry and as a result of its commitment with investment and footprint in China. At an international level, Air China was awarded because of the company´s meaningful contribution to building relationships between both countries.

The award ceremony was held at the Viana Palace, Madrid (Spain), and was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain, José Manuel García Margallo, and the President of FCEC, Juan Lladó. Gestamp President, Francisco J. Riberas has been awarded with the main recognition of the Foundation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The expansion strategy based on production internationalization has continuously been present in Gestamp since its foundation in 1997. Thanks to this strategic approach, Gestamp has achieved along these 17 years to become a global supplier providing a high technology profile. In this regards, Gestamp has witnessed the great enlargement of emergent countries, especially Asia.  

The company has 8 manufacturing plants and one R&D center in China, employing a total of 2.800 people. As for Asia, 16 plants and 2 R&D centers go to show the sound footprint in China and the increasing interest of the Company to solidify its corporate structure in the country.

Gestamp President, Francisco J. Riberas Mera, explained that “Gestamp’s bet in China has been since the beginnings extremely strong, with an investment rate of 150 million euros and the opening of 4 new plants. For 2015, billing is 700 million euros, billing we have planned is 700 million euros, which will already about 10% of our turnover".

The FCEC Award, in its fifth edition, recognizes the efforts dedicated by institutions, companies and people in the aim to stretch relationships between Spain and China.