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Gestamp joins Catena-X to foster collaboration within the automotive industry

Gestamp joins Catena-X
Gestamp joins Catena-X

Joining Catena-X is an opportunity to continue leading the transformation of the automotive industry as well as to consolidate our role as the partner supplier


Gestamp, the Spanish multinational specialized in the design, development and manufacture of metal components for the automotive industry, has signed an agreement with Catena-X, the first collaborative and open data ecosystem for the global automotive industry. Catena-X seeks to establish a data network and digital infrastructure that connects companies, suppliers, and customers along the entire value chain to improve efficiency, transparency, and agility in business processes. This alliance is set within Gestamp’s roadmap, focused on moving forward in the development and implementation of its digitalization and ESG strategies to boost the circular economy and Industry 4.0 within the automotive sector.

The initiative Catena-X is based on the idea of a value chain that allows a secure and reliable information sharing among different actors. Through the implementation of common standards and the use of digital technologies, system interoperability is ensured. Catena-X aims to facilitate real-time communication and data exchange.

The Catena-X infrastructure consists of different "data domains," aiming to represent the whole automotive sector. Data exchange is based on a peer-to-peer system that ensures the security, confidentiality, and integrity of shared data.

Technology and ESG

The high-quality standards applied in the automotive industry have allowed this sector to be at the forefront of technological evolution and generate a large amount of data and useful information for the entire value chain. Now, the technological architecture provided by Catena-X allows Gestamp to continue advancing in its technological development and ESG strategies, by promoting an ecosystem in which it is possible to carry out intelligent and automated traceability of information and data.

Gestamp promotes the circular economy model in its processes and in the relationship with its stakeholders, increasing the responsible management of resources and the reuse of high-quality scrap, in a standardized and transparent way for all operators present in the value chain.

The integration of scrap management into Gestamp’s business strategy allows for complete life-cycle traceability by integrating the collection, sorting and reuse of quality steel scrap into its production chain, in an environment where this secondary raw material is scarce. The roadmap’s ultimate goal is to contribute, in the long term, to the net-zero-car.

Open data ecosystem to transform the industry

Catena-X ecosystem allows the optimization of business processes along the entire value chain. By having real-time information on material availability, market demand, and other relevant aspects, companies can make more informed decisions and respond more quickly and efficiently to environmental changes.
Furthermore, Catena-X promotes transparency and traceability in the value chain of the automotive sector. The association also aims to foster cooperation between companies and promote the creation of new business models and digital services. By sharing data and information more fluidly, opportunities for collaboration and innovation are opened up, which can generate benefits for both participating companies and the economy as a whole.

“Joining Catena-X is an opportunity to continue leading the transformation of the automotive industry as well as to consolidate our role as the partner supplier,” said Pablo de la Puente, Chief Information Officer at Gestamp. “Catena-X’s vision is aligned with our ESG and technology development roadmap, which are strategic to achieve our circular economy and Industry 4.0 goals. We also believe that this membership will increase both the efficiency and transparency of our processes with our customers and the entire value chain”.
“Catena-X is pleased to welcome Gestamp to our association,” said Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the Board of the Catena-X association. “Contributions from members like Gestamp are what make Catena-X the premier network solving the toughest challenges in today’s automotive industry and we look forward to working with the Gestamp team to drive the sector into the future”.

By joining Catena-X, Gestamp reaffirms its commitment to the digitalization of all its processes to ensure efficiency and innovation to continue contributing to the decarbonization of the sector.


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