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Gestamp is EV ready and showcases its latest innovations at Auto Shanghai

The company focuses on EVs offering the best solutions for cost-efficient, highly sustainable vehicles with better performance


Gestamp, the Spanish multinational Tier 1 supplier, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of components for the automotive sector, is showcasing its array of products and innovations such as Extreme Size Parts, Battery Boxes, Cell-to-Pack concepts, Joining Technologies, Chassis innovative Lightweight Solutions or Active Frunks at Auto Shanghai 2023. Focusing on technology, Gestamp aims to raise the bar as a leading player in the Chinese automotive sector whilst helping the local industry in their transition towards electrification and offering the best solutions for cost-efficient, highly sustainable vehicles with better performance.

In one of the most important automotive meetings in the world and in a time when technology and innovations around electrification are already transforming mobility, Gestamp joins the 20th Auto Shanghai edition, showing its commitment to electric vehicles. The Company looks forward to 2023 focusing on how to contribute to the auto world, through new product and technologies that will help EVs potential acceptance by vehicle manufacturers.

Antonio Lopez (CEO, Gestamp Asia Division) says, “The trends and changes in the mobility of tomorrow present to the automotive manufacturers and their suppliers with a variety of new opportunities that excel in their wow factor. The greatly increased weight of electric vehicles due to battery boxes and the resulting changes in vehicle structure and dynamics, are just a few examples that Gestamp has to take into account when developing its products and technologies. Furthermore, aspects such as safety, lightweight construction and a reduction in CO2 emissions continue to play a decisive role in an environment that focuses on the new era of mobility and EVs. Against this background, the R&D teams will be presenting core innovations and technologies from Gestamp's three business units at the Auto Shanghai 2023: BiW, Chassis and Mechanics (Edscha).”

Gestamp in China
The Company entered the Chinese market in 2007, starting with its first manufacturing plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Driven by the substantial growth of the auto industry as well as the company’s continuous efforts, Gestamp has seen enormous growth over the past 15 years in China.

To remain competitive in the Chinese market, Gestamp works by developing local R+D capabilities, forming strategic alliances with local players, integrating Chinese culture and many other initiatives, to fulfill a business strategy that recognizes this market as one of the main leaders on the path of transformation of the automotive industry.

At the moment, Gestamp has close to 5,000 employees in China, offering its customers a wide range of products that includes BiW, chassis, battery boxes and mechanisms. Gestamp's plants are conveniently located close to the main vehicle manufacturers, which makes it possible to minimize logistics costs and quickly respond to customer needs. Gestamp also has two R&D centers in Shanghai and Kunshan, through which the company's engineering resources and capabilities allow it to support and co-develop projects with its clients in China.


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