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Gestamp joins forces with POWEN to promote self-consumption in its factories

José Benjumea (left) and Francisco Riberas.
José Benjumea (left) and Francisco Riberas.

The agreement will promote self-consumption in 22 Gestamp plants in the Iberian Peninsula.


Gestamp has signed a framework contract for the purchase and sale of onsite photovoltaic energy with POWEN, which means that the solar panels will be located on top of the factory itself to allow energy self consumption.

Specifically, the agreement includes the installation and maintenance of POWEN photovoltaic panels for self consumption in 20 production plants in Spain and 2 in Portugal, and the sale of the energy produced by the panels.

The total installed power will be 26.9 MWp and the energy that is estimated to be generated per year in total (in the 22 plants) is more than 35 GWh. Of these 35GWh, almost 31GWh will be used by the plants for self consumption, which will mean 87% of the total energy generated by the photovoltaic panels. In 25 years, this action could prevent the emission of 8,835 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which would be equivalent to planting 4,025 trees.

The agreement, an alliance for decarbonization in operations
Since its inception, the multinational Gestamp has been dedicated to the responsible manufacture of metal components for vehicles that are increasingly lighter, and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions so that the environmental impact is reduced, always optimizing the use of natural energy resources and betting on a circular economy model in its operations.

Thus, with this union, POWEN joins other relevant initiatives in environmental matters, such as the agreement with ArcelorMittal for the acquisition of green steel the green energy supply agreement with Naturgy, and the ZERO Waste certificate from Aenor, which represent a significant sum of agreements for the decarbonization process of operations.

Gestamp is committed to reducing emissions throughout the entire value chain and works with its suppliers to integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The commitment will mean a reduction in 2030 of the company's own emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 30% and those derived from the activity of its suppliers (Scope 3) by 22%.

Francisco J. Riberas, Executive Chairman of Gestamp: “This alliance once again highlights Gestamp's commitment to decarbonization and is part of the Group's ambitious sustainability strategy. We work every day to achieve greater energy efficiency and meet our goal of reducing emissions. And for this, we have the best partners, such as POWEN.”

Jose Benjumea, CEO of POWEN, points out: ““For POWEN it is a pride and a responsibility to accompany the Gestamp Group in its sustainability strategy. Gestamp has always shown that it is one step ahead in everything it undertakes and, together with POWEN, a leading company in the solar sector, has launched the largest commitment to self-consumption by an industrial group in Spain.”


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