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Edscha commits to innovation with a new machining center in Spain

The technology will result in an increase in turnover and staff at the Burgos plant.


A new era begins within the industrial fabric of Castilla y León, promoted by Edscha, the automotive supplier company that belongs to the Gestamp group for more than a decade. Edscha has just announced a great commitment to the future for the province and the city of Burgos, and for the autonomous community where the history of the company chaired by Francisco J. Riberas began, serving as the basis for innovative projects in the world of mobility.

A state-of-the-art machining center will mean an increase in both turnover and staff. Edscha Burgos will expand its line of business and diversify its production, with the new employment (new employment opportunities) for these initiatives being around 25/30 people. These new projects include a collaboration with the leader in 100% electric vehicles and manufacturing for an innovative 10-year for a commercial vehicle manufacturer.

The new machinery needs 4 months to be assembled and will start operating at the end of 2022, putting Edscha at the forefront of the national industry and certifying almost 60 years of commitment to Burgos.

César Pontvianne de la Maza, the new CEO of Edscha, states: "This industrial commitment to Burgos, the birthplace of what is now Gestamp, is confirmation of Gestamp's firm commitment to Edscha's growth not only in volume of business but in technology. Thanks to the good work and the commitment of the Burgos plant and its team, we can continue with an investment plan that began more than 10 years ago.”


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