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Gestamp signs an agreement with Naturgy to secure consumption of green energy in Spain

Gestamp Navarra, one of the production plants of the Group in Spain.
Gestamp Navarra, one of the production plants of the Group in Spain.

Gestamp becomes the first industrial group in the automotive sector to sign a PPA contract of this kind in Spain


Gestamp has signed an agreement with Naturgy in order to secure the consumption of renewable energy in Spain. The agreement will ensure that from 2022 onwards, all the Group´s productive facilities and R&D centers in Spain will operate with 100% renewable energy.

The Company becomes the first one in the automotive sector in Spain to operate with electricity generated entirely from renewable sources. Specifically, Gestamp will receive a supply of energy equivalent to 203 GWh per year from solar and wind sources, in an agreement that includes a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

As per this agreement, valid for 10 years starting January 2022, the multinational automotive components Group will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50,000 tons of CO2 per year. This figure accounts for a 13% reduction in the Group´s total carbon footprint resulting from the Group's electricity usage, equivalent for the same CO2 amount absorbed by 350,000 trees in a year.

The Company, which is present in 24 countries, has its largest number of centers in Spain. Specifically, 21 out of more than the 100 plants that Gestamp operate around the world are located in Spain. The Group also owns two R&D centers in the country. The electricity consumed in all these Spanish production facilities and R&D centers accounts for 18% of Gestamp's worldwide consumption.

“This agreement is a very important milestone for Gestamp as part of an ambitious strategy in Sustainability to accomplish our emissions reduction objective approved by the Science Based Targets initiative,” according to Gestamp’s Executive Chairman, Francisco J. Riberas.

Francisco Reynés, Naturgy’s President, pointed out the importance of this kind of agreements, as the one signed with Gestamp, to move forward to a low-carbon economy. Naturgy supports win-win agreements to enhance Spanish companies and its key role in more sustainable energetic transition.”

Gestamp's commitment with Sustainability
This agreement stands in the framework of the Group's medium and long-term strategy, which focuses on a more efficient use of raw materials and supplies, such as energy and water. This strategy also involves the reduction of greenhouse emissions to contribute to the fight against climate change and to the promotion of circular economy.

In this context, the agreement with Naturgy represents another step forward in the company's long-standing commitment to achieving the highest Sustainability standards throughout the entire production chain.


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