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Gestamp bets on virtual fairs to be close to its customers

It is remarkable Gestamp’s participation in the Automotive World Nagoya event, held in Japan.


We all remember the first cancellations of professional events, trainings and fairs last February. After the suspensions of the first major world events, all the “save the date” disappeared as if a wave swept away all the events and hosted them in an unpredictable future.

However, as it is usually said, opportunities arise from difficult situations: when a door closes, a window opens. Although the cancellation of physical events was inevitable, the tools for making virtual events managed to offer a showcase to the companies that were watching how they were distancing themselves from their customers day after day.

To face the situation of having the doors of the conference centers closed, the virtual stands have become online shows for the automotive sector where innovations can be presented as close to customers as possible despite physical distance.

Although the experience of a real meeting cannot be substituted, these virtual fairs have become a window for car manufacturers and for those who want to discover the products and technologies of companies like Gestamp, which has also found an ally in innovation in the field of virtual fairs.

Automotive World Nagoya
During this year, Gestamp has participated in some virtual fairs, such as the one celebrated in the US last September: FCA 21st Annual Supplier Diversity MatchMaker. However, above all, it is remarkable Gestamp’s participation in the Automotive World Nagoya event, held in Japan last October, which is the biggest example of its ability to adapt to new circumstances. In addition to attending the fair physically with a representative stand, the multinational presented its new products and technologies through virtual reality.  Gestamp designed a digital space to access from anywhere else in the world, but focused, in this case, on Japanese customers. Of course, the synergy between the virtual and the physical was in the physical fair itself, since this virtual visit was accessible from the QR codes placed on the stand.

After this contact with the virtual reality and its advantages, Gestamp will continue betting on virtual fairs in order to be close to its customers and to continue at the forefront of innovation.

“The basis of our business lies in providing the customer the best technological solutions for vehicles. Furthermore, Gestamp's maxim is to be close to them to meet their needs and to be able to provide them with products that offer high value in terms of innovation, price, quality, safety and environmental impact”, explained Miguel López-Quesada, Corporate Director of Communication, Marketing and Institutional Relations of Gestamp. Adding to this statement, he said that, for this reason, "being present at fairs, together with manufacturers, is essential and virtualization, today, is a good solution."