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Gestamp China, an example of overcoming

One of the eleven Gestamp production plants in China.
One of the eleven Gestamp production plants in China.

The priority is to continue protecting Gestamp employees from COVID-19


Following the path of the rising sun, the COVID-19 virus is crossing the planet from East to West. In the face of the threat, in the face of uncertainty, the good news is that the results of the fight against this situation are clear. And while countries like Spain or the United States are arming themselves with the aim of defeating the invisible enemy, in China you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, the city that was in the eye of the hurricane for weeks, recovers now its activity little by little to leave behind those days in which the health emergency dominated the lives of its inhabitants. In the midst of this gradual recovery, the automotive industry gradually starts its engines as a symbol of the return to normality in the city.

The Gestamp production plant in Wuhan is the last of the eleven that the multinational has in China that is gradually recovering its activity. In a country where the automotive components company employs over 4,000 people, the priority now is the same as it has been during the hardest weeks of the pandemic: to continue protecting Gestamp employees from COVID-19 and to ensure the business, adapting it to the needs of its customers, the automobile manufacturers. Thereby, this good news means that measures must continue to be extremely careful, such as maintaining levels in cleaning services and adapting all protocols to the requirements of the fight against COVID-19.

"As Gestamp Executive President said, you must follow the indications of the sanitary authorities", Antonio López Arce, financial director of Gestamp Asia.

"This crisis will pass," says Kevin Stobbs, president of Gestamp Asia, from what was the epicenter of the pandemic. In addition, he highlights: “We must listen to the health authorities. Thus, we will overcome the situation together. ”