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An example of overcoming in COVID19

José Antonio Olangua at Gestamp Navarra.
José Antonio Olangua at Gestamp Navarra.


Many heroes have helped in Gestamp along these days. Many gestures of strength in many teams. Many people that have demonstrated that is in difficulties when we offer the best we have.

We talk about an example of this Gestamp spirit, which is our biggest strength: José Antonio Olangua’s story. He has fought fiercely against virus. COVID 19 has retained him a total of 59 days in the Intensive Care Unit.

He has been really close to the death and his living a long recovery. José Antonio Olangua is Gestamp Navarra Gestamp Navarra General Manager, a charismatic person within Gestamp. Employees from Gestamp Navarra show its commitment in the fight against the illness. They tried to develop a prototype of breath system. The plant was focused in the situation as the rest of the team. The following video express the sentiments of the team in the welcome back to José Antonio when he visited the plant: 

José Antonio is a clear example of overcoming. There is no doubt that in difficulties we offer the best version of ourselves. This spirit will make us overcome any obstacle in life.