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International Press Trip: Electrification Challenge

Press Trip
Press Trip


Electric Vehicle is amid huge challenges to automotive industry. One of the main novelties is the change in it structure. Loads are distributed in a different way and these vehicles add the extra weight of batteries that forces to lightweight vehicles even more than in combustion engine ones. Gestamp is a proven expert in this area. 

To explain its strategy and context in which manufacturing of electric vehicle moves, Gestamp organized in June 18th a Press Trip with 20 international media in Bielefeld. This German city hosts one of the biggest Group’s plants and a R&D centre devoted to Chassis development. 

The Press Trip pursued to show Gestamp’s approach to lightweight vehicles thus different solutions as new materials as aluminium high strength steel and innovative processes as the last generation of hot stamping, named Multistep.  
Media coming from Germany, Spain and United Kingdom had the opportunity to see new developments to Electric Vehicle as battery boxes, which protect batteries and Gestamp designs and manufactures completely.  

From the German industry center 
Journalist had the opportunity to get from the center of the German automotive industry a complete vision of the challenges that vehicle manufacturing faces. The press trip included a visit to Bielefeld plant, where media had the opportunity to know first-hand different manufacturing processes at Gestamp. 

They visited stamping lines for chassis and body parts and high complex assembly cells. They had also the chance to know the R&D center where chassis parts are manufactured worldwide. 
These ground visits were complemented with presentations by Gestamp spokespersons. Francisco J. Riberas, Excecutive Chairman, Gonzalo Galilea, Electric Vehicle Group Director, Ignacio Martín and Ulf Sudowe, R&D directors in Body-in-White and Chassis respectively.  

The event was an immersion of international journalists in one of the largest Gestamp plants and served to offer the media a comprehensive vision of an internationalized and technological company. The multinational Group had the opportunity to explain to media its strategy to make electric cars safer and lighter.