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IZB 2018: Innovation from the first idea to the serial production


IZB, the international exhibition organized by Volkswagen every year, is the perfect scenario in which OEMs and suppliers take the opportunity to present its news products and technologies. Hence, IZB is a must-attend event to Gestamp, where we can seize the opportunity to present all our potential as a technological and innovative company.

IZB represents a huge opportunity to share Gestamp’s high technology value, with a great commitment to innovation from the first idea to the serial production. The main goal of the company during the exhibition is to display the continuous innovation that Gestamp develops in security, weight reduction and comfort areas.

During 2018’s edition, Gestamp has showcased innovative solutions in HotStamping, the technology in which we are one of the global leaders, and improved laser process for multi-material assemblies to meet the goal of reducing weight and cost in vehicles, while increasing safety.

Lighter solutions for the Electrical Vehicles

In a current scenario of new trends in the sector, known as CASE (connectivity, autonomous vehicle, car sharing and electrification), and in which the electric vehicle increasingly gains prominence, Gestamp has presented different solutions:

- Battery Boxes that cover the battery of electric vehicles with innovative concepts of aluminum and hybrids that lighten their weight and make them safer.

- Concrete solutions of aluminum, such as those of the chassis area, in which Gestamp has developed a front axle and a rear axle, manufactured with hybrid aluminum structures and advanced high strength steels. These offer lightweight solutions for the latest generation of electric mobility vehicles.

Commitment #SaferandLighter

Attendees approaching the stand during IZB 2018 had the opportunity to get to know first-hand the different solutions that Gestamp offers in steel and aluminum in order to meet the safety, comfort and performance requirements of the vehicle. All of these was carried out as part of our commitment to work for a safer and lighter car.