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Gestamp works with Industry 4.0 to improve the safety of the vehicles

Welding technology.
Welding technology.

The commitment of Gestamp is to be at the forefront of technological development and innovation


The industry plays a leading role in promoting the greatest technological advances that move society forward. It is not just about producing more or better, but about how technology helps people and contributes to a safer and more sustainable environment.

Therefore, the commitment of a large international group such as Gestamp is to be at the forefront of technological development and innovation, including the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Gestamp is on its way to the smart factory for more efficient and flexible production plants and more consistent and reliable processes through data analysis. In this way, the company adds intelligence to the processes and provides the right information to the right people.

This strategy includes Gestamp's pioneering project with Toshiba Digital&Consulting (TDX) to improve the quality of safety-critical chassis parts. This project takes advantage of artificial intelligence and uses image data from cameras and acoustic emission sensors, with the aim of detecting with very high precision the quality of the welding beads of the chassis parts.

This initiative includes the installation of acoustic emission sensors that detect the characteristics of the acoustic waves in the high frequency band. The project can also be replicated in other Gestamp production plants.