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Gestamp Navarra celebrates 30 years at the service of innovation


The people who make up Gestamp Navarra celebrate in 2019 the 30th anniversary of the manufacturing plants located in Orkoien and Noain that provide an example of processes and technology innovation within the group.

Specialized in chassis and bodywork products, Gestamp’s Navarra plants manufacture automotive metallic components since 1989. In 2018, it had a turnover of €187 million, the highest figure in its history and it already employs nearly 500 people, turning it into a employment and development driver for neighboring towns and villages.

José Antonio Olangua, Gestamp manager points out: “Since 2008. €80 million has been invested, allowing Gestamp Navarra commit to security, quality and continuous improvement. This is something reflected in both plants in Navarra.”

Hydroforming: a technology from Navarra to the world  

Historically, Gestamp Navarra’s plant cannot be understood without being linked to innovation and continuous development of new processes. Gestamp has in Navarra the technologies of cold stamping, hydroforming, shot blasting and laser welding

Gestamp Navarra successfully developed the hydroforming technology within the group. What it is? It builds on using the force of water, with which pieces ca be mold and shaped. According to Olangua, with hydroforming Gestamp can “produce complex pieces with cavities that would be hard or nearly impossible to produce with standard stamping”.

Furthermore, adding more value, the technology developed in Gestamp Navarra is exported to other plants of the group in several countries.

From local provider to strategic partner

Being a state-of-the-art plant has allowed Gestamp Navarra to consolidate as a regional benchmark business in the field of automotive components. The plant works for several global automotive groups, such as Grupo Volkswagen, its main client, PSA Group (Citroën, Peugeot, Opel), Mercedes Benz, Renault, Ford, Volvo and Nissan. “Volkswagen is the plant’s main client and from here we send components to 28 different Volkswagen plants in the world”, adds Olangua.

In addition, Gestamp is not a mere provider that manufactures components and sends them to clients, but it acts as a strategic partner. At the industrial level, in the Navarra plants several Polo models has been industrialized and, alongside, Ford and PSA, complex and strategic pieces has been developed.

A challenge: keep adding technologic value to the automotive industry in Navarra

In 2019 the automotive sector is setting ambitious challenges, such as new mobility trends and vehicle electrification. Ahead of these challenges and opportunities, Gestamp will continue along the path of Industry 4.0 or smart factory. “We are committed to being leaders as well in this context, with electric cars for example, and we will keep accompanying our clients to provide them with the best solutions”, concludes Olangua.