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Gestamp, a lighter and possible mobility

At Gestamp, we work every year for a more sustainable mobility


At Gestamp, we work every day, because a better mobility is possible. At Gestamp, we know that a more sustainable car is a reality.

 For some time now, vehicle manufacturers have been outsourcing their production processes, pushed by a higher demand of lightweighting due to the need of reducing CO2 emissions and to the acceleration of the electric vehicle.

In this context, the development and production of fuel-efficient vehicles is a growing key trend in the automotive sector. And this is where the importance of car lightweighting comes into play, increasing vehicle fuel-efficiency and, therefore,  reducing CO2 emissions. This makes Body in White and chassis parts, components that are produced by Gestamp, crucial for reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Our R&D capacities, our leadership in hot stamping technology and our experience in developing multi-material solutions focused on making lighter components, help us provide innovative solutions to our clients and  achieve  a better and possible mobility for us all.

At Gestamp we aim to lead in lightweighting technologies, and that’s why we focus on innovation: to create, day by day, lighter components better for the environment.

Even if you can’t see them, Gestamp autoparts help you travel with your loved ones this Christmas in a safer and more sustainable way. Because future is our future. And, at Gestamp, we work every year for a more sustainable mobility. Happy 2020.