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Formula Student: teamwork wins at the asphalt

#FormulaStudentGestamp teams at Montmeló
#FormulaStudentGestamp teams at Montmeló

Industry leaders of the future clearly know which is the key to success: teamwork


It is said that strength is found in our differences. Teamwork means splitting tasks, but multiplying results. It also means that if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go further, go side by side with a team.

In a context of stimulating challenges for the automotive sector, industry leaders of the future clearly know which is the key to success: teamwork. Cooperation. To add up to go further in the race of their life.

Formula Student Germany y Formula Student Spain competitions have witnessed races full of passion, endeavor, and, above all, cooperation and the overcoming of difficulties. Participants from universities located all over the world have tested on the asphalt the ideas born in their respective universities. Sometimes, the true overcoming did not happened at the circuit itself, but at the boxes far away from it.

Chris Lindhorst, Gestamp OWL Racing team leader from the University of Lemgo in Germany, one of the teams sponsored by Gestamp could attest to that in the 6A pit at the German circuit of Hockenheim, while gazing at the single-seater vehicle that they used last August to compete. “We are really proud of being here. Despite not taking part in the dynamic tests, it is already an achievement to be at Hockenheim”, he pointed out as he added: “Electric vehicles have many challenges ahead. To completely build the car, it has been of paramount importance the support provided by other teams during these competition days. One of those teams was Herkules Racing from the University of Kassel. Some participants even spent the whole evening with us and lent us all the tools and components we needed! It was great”.

At the other side of the boxes, more specifically at the pit 22C of the German circuit, Manuel Seligmann was feeling proud of the empathy displayed by the members of his team, the Herkules Racing: “Even though in any of the competition in which we took part we could conclude the dynamic tests with the car, they both have been very positive experiences because we have improved our statistical results and, above all, it served us as team-building”. Saying so, Seligmann explained that such fellowship attitude went beyond the walls of his own team and that in Italy they were recognized by the rest of the teams as the friendliest team (Most Friendly Award), the only award decided by participants and not by judges.

At the end, when competition ends, when difficulties are put behind, what lasts is the satisfaction of having achieved goals and the illusion generated by the challenges that await at the end of next season main straight. As in the race of life, just as the #FormulaStudentGestamp Formula Student Spain 2019 teams acknowledged, what lasts are the people that make possible the present and the future of the sector.