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What is the Gestamp Supplier´s Portal?

The Supplier Portal is a webpage with restricted access only for registered users. It is maintained and supported by Fullstep S.L.

Gestamp uses the Portal to manage all supplier related matters regarding negotiations and supplier quality. Suppliers can only participate on bids through the Supplier Portal. 

Why do I need to register?

Gestamp buyers work with a Purchasing platform that publishes current bids and updates them instantly on the Supplier Portal. The Portal guarantees that our Suppliers receive accurate information at all times. Moreover our Corporate Purchasing Procedure demands to use the platform to guarantee transparency of the negotiation to all participants. 

Can other suppliers that are competing with me see my offers or any other information?

Absolutely not. The information is confidential. Only the supplying company and the Gestamp organization can see submitted offers and any attached document. 

I have technical problems with the Portal who can I contact?

If you need help with the registration procedure, need to reset your password, have further technical questions or need support when uploading an offer you can contact the Fullstep support team by phone or email during office hours ( Monday to Thursday from 8:30 – 21:00; Fridays from 8:00 – 19:00 Central European Time) in Spanish or English. Fullstep is an independent provider of the Purchasing Portal.

If calling from Spain: 902 02 6000

If calling from outside Spain: +34 917 291 218


How can I add more contacts to have access to the Supplier Portal?

Only the main user (usually the first registered user) can add more users to the Portal. They will all have their own login and can individually participate in different negotiations. You might also want to differentiate between sales and quality contacts. 

How can I know who the main user is? Can I change the main user?

If you are not the main user you will not see who other contacts are listed under the same access. In addition you are not able to add more users or change the main user. Only the main user can configure new users, change company related information and assign a new main user. If you are not sure who the main user is you can send an email to indicating you company code which usually corresponds with your TAX ID number preceded by the country code, i.e. DE1234567 for a German Tax ID. 

What if my TAX ID number (VAT No, TVA, UST, INN) has changed?

In this case you need a new registration with the new TAX ID. We usually don´t allow overwriting existing records to avoid loss of historic data. It is possible though that the main user changes the address or other company related data on the Supplier Portal. 

I am registered but I don’t have my login to access. How can I proceed?

The registration alone is not sufficient. The supplier needs to be internally authorized as well. Once the supplier is registered the Gestamp buyer can initiate the internal approval process. After the authorization is complete the supplier will receive the email containing his login data. 

I am registered and authorized but have not received the second automated email with my login data

Check your spam folder for emails from first. Be aware that the automated email is sent by to the email address of the contact you provided during the registration. If this email is not valid anymore send an email to to change the registered email address. 

What if I forgot my password?

Go to the Login page and click on the link “Forgotten password”. An automated email will be sent to the email address of the contact you provided during the registration with a link to establish your new password. If you do not remember your company and user contact

How can I send offers through the Portal?

Enter the Supplier Portal to access the section “Instructions” on the first page. There you can find manuals on how to offer, about technical requirements and also our Gestamp Quality Manual among other things. 

I have been informed that a new bidding process is published on the Portal but when entering the Portal I cannot see any new process?

The buyer has to actively publish the process on the Portal. Usually it is published for a certain period of time. If you don´t see the process the buyer might not have published it properly or the submission date is overdue. Please contact your Gestamp buyer to inform about this situation.