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Gestamp in the face of COVID-19

Letter from Francisco J. Riberas, Gestamp Executive Chairman

We will get through it

Dear Gestamp team,
I am addressing you to convey all my encouragement in these difficult times, as we face a pandemic like Covid-19, which has now become global.

I want to thank you all for being part of a collective effort.

We are facing an unprecedented challenge. This crisis is of a different nature than any other that we have ever experienced. It relates to the fear of the unknown, as well as the concern and the anguish it generates. All perfectly understandable feelings from a human point of view.

In these moments of uncertainty, we must have some certitudes. The first and clearest is that this crisis will pass. In Gestamp we know what the long term is. We are a project that looks beyond any temporary situation and we are convinced that we will overcome this crisis.

Unity, effort and commitment on behalf of everyone will be needed. Only together will we beat this crisis. Our group has always known very well that we, the people, are the architects of our success, and that our clients are at the center of our business.

Because of this, in Gestamp we are taking all the necessary measures wherever we are present in the world. Everything is aimed at ensuring that we are not paralyzed, neither by the pandemic nor by fear.

Being a global group gives us perspective. We know that every crisis has an end, as we are beginning to see in our factories in China or South Korea. But we also know that we must be prepared in all our locations.

We have defined protocols for action in the event of contagion among our staff, and we are carrying out an extraordinary coordination exercise to share the lessons learned from one area of the world to another.

Regarding the commitment to our clients, we are working in close dialogue with them to address this situation applying flexibility measures. We are working together in order to keep our staff informed and adjust our production rates to our clients’ needs. Even when they make the decision to stop production.

Because what unites us is the passion to provide excellent service, knowing that we are part of a global chain that allows the world to continue enjoying increasingly advanced, safe and sustainable mobility.

We know how to adapt and we know how to work in these difficult circumstances. We have proven it throughout our history. We have done it before thanks to our adaptability, our resilience, and our endurance when a sustained effort is needed.

This is a fight against the pandemic, but also against the fears that paralyze us. We must win both battles. We must face adversity with firmness, determination and a sense of urgency that requires us to contribute with our very best.

I hope that this situation will affect our families and loved ones as little as possible. I am certain that we will be able to overcome this crisis as we have done so many times throughout our history. We are fighting for our future and we will get through this.

I send you my warmest regards,

Francisco J. Riberas
Gestamp Executive Chairman

Stay Strong Gestamp!

Gestamp China, an example of overcoming

Letter from the President 03/20/20

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