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Our strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities

High business diversification by region, customers and products

Geographic diversification

Our expansion strategy is linked to the growth plans of our clients.

This geographic diversity enables us to take advantage of global growth opportunities and has mitigated the impact of fluctuations in regional demand during periods of economic crisis.

Customer diversification

With the contribution of global solutions, we have become the benchmark supplier for the world's leading automobile manufacturers. The know-how and technological expertise we place at our customers' service has enabled us to become their strategic partner moving forward.

We have a diversified customer base that includes the 12 largest automakers by production volume, including Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, PSA, Daimler, General Motors and BMW.

Product diversification

Originally, our portfolio consisted mainly of Body products and, to a lesser extent, Chassis products. With our 2011 acquisition of ThyssenKrupp Metal Forming, we considerably strengthened our position in Chassis products.

Moreover, the acquisition in 2010 of the Edscha components business unit, a leading manufacturer of mechanisms, has allowed us to further increase the range of products we can supply to automakers.

This product portfolio diversification has helped us strengthen our strategic relationships with automakers, who come to us for innovative solutions and high quality products that cover the entire value chain.