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Good Practices

At Gestamp we identify, analyze and assess environmental actions in order to recognize and make public the most significant events within and outside the organization. Also, we weigh up and select the actions that stand out for their positive net effect on the environment, their innovative nature or their scientific and/or social interest.

At Gestamp we collaborate with the following global initiatives:

Commitments to the fight against climate change

To commit with the agreement reached at the COP21 in Paris to combat climate change and limit global warming to less than 2ºC, since 2014 we are working in an Energy Efficiency project to reduce our energy consumption and consequently our greenhouse emissions.

Transparency in our performance and Environmental Management

To provide environmental information to the stake holders, since 2011 annually we voluntarily report our carbon footprint in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We provide information on our risks and opportunities related to climate change, our plans to reduce emissions and our actions to mitigate climate change. Additionally, since 2015 we respond CDP Water Disclosure.

Other initivatives we collaborate with

European Comission:

  • Participation in the Expert Round Table Biodiversity in standards and management system committee.
  • Participation in the working group in metal pieces’ manufacture.
  • Participation in the Best Environmental Practice in Car manufacturing committee.

Global Value:

  • Collaboration with the Vienna University in the measurement and management of business impacts on sustainable development.


  • Participation in the Climate Change Cluster, business leadership platform on climate change.