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Professional Learning & Development

Gestamp Professional Learning & Development

Professional Learning & Development

As part of the five corporate principles, Gestamp bets on 'People as Artificers of Success'. The talent, the motivation and the ability to work as a team constitute an essential asset for the success of Gestamp.

The Corporate University of Gestamp was born in 2013 as a sign of this commitment to the human and professional development of our collaborators and that, undoubtedly, incurs the achievement of the rest of the business objectives.

Our commitment

At Gestamp we see learning and development as a journey: structured training, experiential exhibitions, performance support, knowledge management, networking and collaboration to help our professionals give the best of themselves.

We believe that the training of our employees is a fundamental tool to ensure personal and professional growth, and the set of skills and competencies to achieve the success of the company's objectives.

Learning Programs

Our employees’ learning journey is designed by our Corporate University and is channeled through its four Academies, which provide them with company culture and product / technology innovation, professional knowledge and abilities, as well as management and leadership skills anytime, anywhere.


Development Programs

At Gestamp we have a vocation for growth and permanence. Sustainability is, hence, another corporate principle to ensure our permanence over time.

From the Corporate University we offer development programs that seek to provide our professionals with the management tools for decision-making necessary to achieve financial strength, profitability, caution and respect towards our different stakeholders. These again are fundamental to guaranty our future.