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Smart Factory Expert Course

Smart Factory and Digital Transformation applied to Industry

The industrial sector is undergoing an era of change driven by the use and analysis of data. Given this digital transformation, Gestamp and MBIT School present this program jointly.


Creating a more efficient manufacturing plants
and more consistent and reliable processes through the analysis of our data, by adding intelligence to the processes and getting the right information to the right people.

Being aware of this new reality, Gestamp (leading manufacturer of metal automotive components) and MBIT School (referral Technical School on Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) present jointly this program of Smart Factory and Digital Transformation.

Why this course?

The program combines Gestamp´s experience and know-how in the industrial sector with MBIT´s capacity in Advanced Analysis, Business Intelligence and Big Data. The approach will be mainly practical and always aimed at the industry, with workshops held during the course and a final Dataton (competition in which an industrial issue based on data is raised).

Who is this course for?

IProcess engineers with at least 3-year experience in the industrial sector who are willing to define their organizations´ digital transformation processes. 

Other profiles with interest on how Big Data is applied to the industrial sector, both at technical as at management level as well.


  - Be aware of the interrelation and mutual benefit of Data Science, Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data.

  - Learn, manage and excel a data-based project with practical examples about Data Science and Big Data in industry.

  - Be familiar with the different cloud storage options that are emerging and the tools to use them practically: SQL and NoSQL (to process unstructured data).

  - Learn Machine Learning techniques and models, both supervised unsupervised, and apply them through leader tools as KNIME, MLib and Amazon SageMaker, using actual industrial cases.

  - Learn how to prepare data for analysis and perform ETL processes through actual industrial cases, using tools as KNIME.

  - Get the knowledge on the most advanced Machine Learning models and Natural Language Processing (NPL) and images as a fundamental tool to develop Industry 4.0 projects.

  - Acquire advanced visualization techniques (Visual Data Mining) and handle tools to this end, as Power BI, within Industry 4.0. 



Teaching hours



Course Price


3 Months

New programme available shortly



Friday afternoon and Saturday morning



GTI Boroa Business Park

Industry 4.0