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#Gestamp has opened a new production plant in #Nitra, Slovakia, specializing in aluminum that will provide Jaguar Land Rover in the manufacturing of components for its Discovery and the new Defender models. Do you want to take a look at the opening ceremony? 👇📽


#GestampStories| #ElectricVehicle is amid huge challenges to automotive industry. One of the main novelties is the change in it structure. Loads are distributed in a different way and these vehicles add the extra weight of batteries that forces to lightweight vehicles even more than in combustion engine ones. #Gestamp is a proven expert in this area


#GestampStories | One more year, #Gestamp supports the young university students taking part in Formula Student, also known as Formula SAE. In addition, for the first time, the company invited two German teams to join #FormulaStudentGestamp team! But, Formula Student is much more than competition, races and asphalt. It is the breeding ground for the future of automotive. https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2019/FormulaStudentGestamp-Innovation-and-talent-on-wheels


#Gestamp, patrocinador del Centenario Eduardo Barreiros el pasado fin de semana del 15 y 16 de junio. Más de un centenar y medio de vehículos, tractores, camiones y furgonetas producidos en la década de los 50, 60 y 70 en la Factoría Barreiros Diésel de Villaverde rodaron por la pista del circuito Jarama Race, con motivo de los actos conmemorativos del nacimiento de Eduardo Barreiros, uno de los empresarios clave del mundo del motor español. ¿Quieres saber cómo fue el evento? ¡Disfruta de este vídeo!


At #Gestamp, we believe in innovation, in the technological development that it is behind it and its transformative power. Check it out in the following video about Gestamp's #electricvehicle capacities!


#GestampStories | The Auto Shanghai, the world largest exhibition in the automotive sector, held its eighth edition this 2019. This is a key arena in which the main automotive manufacturers and suppliers at a global level place their bets to the public. And #Gestamp has taken part in the Auto Shanghai for the first time! https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2019/The-race-for-Electric-Vehicles-starts-in-Shanghai


The technological development allows #Gestamp to remain at the forefront of the sector. Thanks to the #HotFormingAluminium technology it is possible to lightweight #BiW, as well as reduce #CO2 emissions, and improve the behavior of the vehicle and its safety. You want to know more? Take a look at the video! https://www.gestamp.com/What-we-do/Technologies


#GestampStories| The people who make up Gestamp Navarra celebrate in 2019 the 30th anniversary of the manufacturing plants located in Orkoien and Noain that provide an example of processes and technology innovation within the group. https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2019/Gestamp-Navarra-celebrates-30-years-at-the-service-of-innovation


Last week Gestamp opened its seventh production plant in Mexico that will offer multi-technology solutions to its customers in North America. Do you want to take a look at the opening ceremony? 👇📽


One of our main objectives is to achieve a #SaferandLighter car. To get it, at #Gestamp we follow demanding quality standards to get zero defects on our products. One of our quality systems is the #FMEA. Want to know how it works? Have a look at this video!


Quality is in all the production processes of #Gestamp. With the #GQS we achieve quality requirements in the products and processes that exceed the minimum requirements of our customers. Thanks to this system we can develop technologies and products that make the vehicle safer and lighter. Do you want to know how it works? Take a look at the video!


Did you know that one of the main innovations that #Gestamp offers is the battery box for electric vehicles? The battery box meets the high safety standards on collisions and the specific regulations relating to crashes and emissions, as well as seal requirements. https://www.gestamp.com/What-we-do/Innovation