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From #Gestamp we want to wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2020. For the next year at #Gestamp we will continue working for a safer and lighter car and, therefore, better for the environment. #SustainabilityGestamp #SaferandLighter #HappyHolidays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-Y7hnFZT3g&list=PL30DsQCSFYzUQJpE3hyaS25D9sglT2JKI&index=33


Bill Gates visited #Gestamp in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He visited a factory that "is not just manufacturing auto parts". It’s also putting high school students on a path to opportunity!


December is already here, and from #Gestamp we want to send you our best wishes for next year. At #Gestamp, we will continue working for a #saferandlighter car, better for the #environment!


#Gestamp has a wide experience in the production of #chassis parts. This internal structure is responsible for sustaining the vehicle, so it is essential for aspects such as dynamics, performance, safety or driving. You can learn more about the chassis in the following video!


Another #Industry40 project at #Gestamp is the Cold 4.0 Project in Poland, in which there are collected more than 30,000 variables from one single tandem cold stamping line. Which is the main challenge? It is to transform, together with the data scientists and production experts, all these variables into the right information made available to the right people at the right moment, so we can support and ease the decision making process.


Did you know that in #Industry40 Big Data is essential? At #Gestamp many variables related to each project are being captured and stored for later analysis and, once assessed, these data yield high value added into the production plant. Want to know more? Take a look at the video


#GestampStories | In a context of stimulating challenges for the automotive sector, industry leaders of the future clearly know which is the key to success: teamwork. Cooperation. To add up to go further in the race of their life. Do you want to know more? https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2019/Formula-Student-teamwork-wins-at-the-asphalt


Did you that at the end of 2016 the Chassis Quality Project was launched? The main goal of the project is to exceed expectations regarding the quality of #chassis parts, as part of #Gestamp's commitment towards clients. Take a look to this video and discover more!


#FormulaStudentGestamp | Members of #Gestamp's sponsored teams describe the automotive world as "addictive". They point out that, once they discovered their vocation for the sector, they have been unable to leave it. Do you want to know how they discovered their passion? Take a look at this video, where they tell us about their experiences!


At #Gestamp, we believe in the potential of young talent. That's why we sponsor the most important race in the world! Good luck to all our sponsored teams! Formula Student Bizkaia Tecnun eRacing UVigo Motorsport Formula UC3M ETSEIB Motorsport OWL Racing-Team e.V. Herkules Racing Team #TheCareerOfYourLife #FormulaStudentGestamp #FormulaStudent #FSSpain #FSGermany #FSS2019 #FSG2019


#GestampStory | There is no better proof of the strength of a company that the teamwork achieved by its people. Especially if that work aims putting in place a new #technology in a particular market. That is what happened at #Gestamp with the implementation in Mexico of the productive process of hydroforming. Do you want to know more? https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2019/Hydroforming-the-technology-that-tightens-links-between-Spain-and-Mexico


#Gestamp has opened a new production plant in #Nitra, Slovakia, specializing in aluminum that will provide Jaguar Land Rover in the manufacturing of components for its Discovery and the new Defender models. Do you want to take a look at the opening ceremony? 👇📽