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¿Te interesa desarrollar tu carrera profesional en el #sectorautomoción? En #Gestamp, de la mano de la Escuela de Organización Industrial y Generation Spain hemos puesto en marcha dos programas de formación gratuitos, gracias a la cofinanciación del #FondoSocialEuropeo a través del Programa Operativo de Empleo Juvenil, con el objetivo de fomentar el empleo entre los 19 y 29 años: - PROGRAMA EN AUTOMATIZACIÓN DE PROCESOS - RPA, que tendrá una duración de 12 semanas y comenzará el 25 de enero: https://lnkd.in/dJrFHwf - PROGRAMA EXPERTO EN PROCESOS PRODUCTIVOS INTELIGENTES, que durará 15 semanas y arrancará el 1 de febrero: https://lnkd.in/dXwEkGE La formación será en formato mixto, ya que tendrá lugar tanto en #GTI - #GestampTechnologyInstitute (Boroa, Bizkaia) como online. ¡Apuesta por tu futuro en el #sectorautomoción! #FormaciónGestamp #FormacióneInnovación


🌎 Imagina poder recorrer, vivir y disfrutar todos los kilómetros que has soñado este 2020. ¿Qué harías con todos ellos? 🚗 En #Gestamp queremos acompañarte en todos los kilómetros que volveremos a vivir. 🎄 #FelizNavidad y próspero 2021 🎄 #SaferAndLighter


🌎 Imagine being able to travel and live all the miles you have dreamt of this 2020. What would you do with all of them? 🚗 At #Gestamp we won't stop working in order to take you along those miles that we'll live again. 🎄 Season's Greetings and Happy New Year 🎄 #SaferAndLighter


🔎 #GestampStories | #5G plays a major role as an enabling technology that allows handling of the huge amounts of data that a factory generates. For this reason, the #Gestamp Bizkaia plant is working on a pilot project for a factory connected with 5G technology, which is part of the ‘5G Euskadi’ project. Do you want to know more? #smartfactory #Piloto5GEuskadi #piloto5G 👉 https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/5G-in-the-industry-of-the-future?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=gestamp_stories


#Gestamp, en colaboración con Telefónica y Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ha implantado en una de sus factorías un caso de uso de fábrica conectada con 5G para avanzar en la Industria 4.0 gracias a esta tecnología: https://www.gestamp.com/Medios/Prensa/Comunicados-de-prensa/2020/Telefonica-y-Gestamp-impulsan-la-digitalizacion-de-la-industria-con-un-caso-de-fabrica-conectada-5G


#GestampStories | Although the experience of a real meeting cannot be substituted, virtual fairs have become a window for car manufacturers and for those who want to discover the products and technologies of companies like #Gestamp, which has also found an ally in innovation in the field of virtual fairs. Do you want to know more about Gestamp's presence on virtual? https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/Gestamp-bets-on-virtual-fairs-to-be-close-to-its-customers


Do you know what hydroforming is? Thanks to this innovative technique we are able to produce complex parts with cavities that would be difficult - or imposible- in the case of standard stamping. Discover how it works on this video. 📹▶


🔎#GestampStories | In 2015 the United Nations aproved the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Today they turn 5 years, and for #Gestamp those are not a mere aspiration, but strategic objectives that are part of our raison d'être and that will allow our activity to have a long-term path. https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/The-keys-of-the-five-years-supporting-the-SDGs-at-Gestamp


Did you know that Body-In-White parts (BIW) form the structure that supports the vehicle and protects the driver and other passengers? #Gestamp has an extensive portfolio of bodywork products, which includes large parts and assemblies, such as bonnets, roofs, doors, wings and other surfaces and high-quality "Class A" assemblies. Discover them! #SaferAndLighter


The #GesMultistep technology allows making ultra-high-strength steels parts through a fast succession of consecutive stamping steps. During the process, parts pass through several pressing stations in quick succession and experience a rapid but gradual cooling. Discover how we do it! #GestampTechnologies https://www.gestamp.com/Que-Hacemos/Tecnologias#lg=0&slide=0


Son muchos los gestos de fortaleza que se han vivido en estos meses dentro de los equipos de #Gestamp. Muchas, las personas que han demostrado que es en las dificultades cuando damos lo mejor de nosotros mismos. En la siguiente #historiaGestamp se puede conocer de forma muy palpable ese espíritu Gestamp, que es nuestra mayor fortaleza: la historia de José Antonio Olangua, gerente de #GestampNavarra, quien ha luchado incansablemente contra el virus. https://www.gestamp.com/Medios/Historias-de-Gestamp/Historias/2020/Un-ejemplo-de-superacion-ante-el-COVID19


We said we would get through this. As a team. And we are doing it. Step by step, little by little. Because even though we are apart, we join together to continue being a powerful team with the drive we need to keep moving forward. #StayStrongGestamp #GestampTeam