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🔎 #GestampStories | A vehicle is made-up of many parts and all of them are essential to complete the car as we see it. But there are a number of parts that play a key role. The #chassis is the structure on which the vehicle is hinged, which supports many of the components and parts that make up the vehicle. Do you want to know more about chassis parts, their latest innovations and its function in new #electricmobility? 👇🏽 https://bit.ly/3m6kAOX


¡En este 2021 celebramos 20 años de trayectoria de #Gestamp Aguascalientes! ¡Comenzamos los festejos que tendrán lugar a lo largo de este año por medio de una foto que demuestra la unión y persistencia de la planta hidrocálida! #AniversarioGestampAguascalientes #GestampAguascalientes


At #Gestamp we are committed to the responsible use of resources. That's why today, #WorldWaterDay 💧, and every day we work to reduce our #water footprint and help contribute to the #SDG. Do you want to know how we do it at Toluca, one of our production plants in Mexico? Click on the video!


#Energyefficiency helps to put the brake on climate change and promote the development of sustainability. At #Gestamp, that’s why we have developed different projects around the world in order to increase our #energyefficiency. Press play and check them out!


🎙 Today #WomenInScienceDay we want to make a special mention to the professionals who work at #Gestamp by the hand of two STEM women experiences. We hope they will serve to motivate new generations of girls to opt for engineering, mechanics, science, innovation and technology. #WomenInScience #ESGCommitment #GestampSustainability


From the first steps taken toward mass production in the #automotiveindustry, the vehicle manufacturing process has been connected with the introduction of presses in component factories. The evolution of presses has seen many different types of such machines capable of various applications. Traditionally, there are two main types of presses: hydraulic and mechanical. Discover more in our #GestampStories 🔎! 👉🏽 https://bit.ly/36JNWMG


¿Te interesa desarrollar tu carrera profesional en el #sectorautomoción? En #Gestamp, de la mano de la Escuela de Organización Industrial y Generation Spain hemos puesto en marcha dos programas de formación gratuitos, gracias a la cofinanciación del #FondoSocialEuropeo a través del Programa Operativo de Empleo Juvenil, con el objetivo de fomentar el empleo entre los 19 y 29 años: - PROGRAMA EN AUTOMATIZACIÓN DE PROCESOS - RPA, que tendrá una duración de 12 semanas y comenzará el 25 de enero: https://lnkd.in/dJrFHwf - PROGRAMA EXPERTO EN PROCESOS PRODUCTIVOS INTELIGENTES, que durará 15 semanas y arrancará el 1 de febrero: https://lnkd.in/dXwEkGE La formación será en formato mixto, ya que tendrá lugar tanto en #GTI - #GestampTechnologyInstitute (Boroa, Bizkaia) como online. ¡Apuesta por tu futuro en el #sectorautomoción! #FormaciónGestamp #FormacióneInnovación


🌎 Imagina poder recorrer, vivir y disfrutar todos los kilómetros que has soñado este 2020. ¿Qué harías con todos ellos? 🚗 En #Gestamp queremos acompañarte en todos los kilómetros que volveremos a vivir. 🎄 #FelizNavidad y próspero 2021 🎄 #SaferAndLighter


🌎 Imagine being able to travel and live all the miles you have dreamt of this 2020. What would you do with all of them? 🚗 At #Gestamp we won't stop working in order to take you along those miles that we'll live again. 🎄 Season's Greetings and Happy New Year 🎄 #SaferAndLighter


🔎 #GestampStories | #5G plays a major role as an enabling technology that allows handling of the huge amounts of data that a factory generates. For this reason, the #Gestamp Bizkaia plant is working on a pilot project for a factory connected with 5G technology, which is part of the ‘5G Euskadi’ project. Do you want to know more? #smartfactory #Piloto5GEuskadi #piloto5G 👉 https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/5G-in-the-industry-of-the-future?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=gestamp_stories


#Gestamp, en colaboración con Telefónica y Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ha implantado en una de sus factorías un caso de uso de fábrica conectada con 5G para avanzar en la Industria 4.0 gracias a esta tecnología: https://www.gestamp.com/Medios/Prensa/Comunicados-de-prensa/2020/Telefonica-y-Gestamp-impulsan-la-digitalizacion-de-la-industria-con-un-caso-de-fabrica-conectada-5G


#GestampStories | Although the experience of a real meeting cannot be substituted, virtual fairs have become a window for car manufacturers and for those who want to discover the products and technologies of companies like #Gestamp, which has also found an ally in innovation in the field of virtual fairs. Do you want to know more about Gestamp's presence on virtual? https://www.gestamp.com/Media/Gestamp-Stories/Stories/2020/Gestamp-bets-on-virtual-fairs-to-be-close-to-its-customers