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“Edscha Power Door” wins at the Automotive INNOVATIONS Awards 2021

The Edscha Power Door can, in addition to the comfort aspect, make a major contribution to safety


The international automotive supplier Edscha, which has been part of the Spanish Gestamp Group since 2010, has won the Automotive INNOVATIONS Awards 2021.

The Center of Automotive Management (CAM) and the auditing and con-sulting company PwC awarded Edscha the prize for the most innovative automotive supplier in the “chassis, body and exterior” field. Edscha impresses with the “Edscha Power Door”, an electrically driven side door that opens and closes vehicle doors automatically and with which even heavy doors can be moved manually with almost no effort.

Linked to a vehicle's environment monitoring systems, the Edscha Power Door can, in addition to the comfort aspect, make a major contribution to more safety in road traffic and to the avoidance of accidents. If the vehicle's sensor system detects an obstacle, it can stop the opening of the door in time before any contact occurs. It recognizes static obstacles as well as dynamic ones, such as cyclists or pedestrians. Accidents caused by carelessly opened side doors could thus be a thing of the past in the future thanks to the use of modern sensor technology in combination with the Edscha Power Door.

“We are very pleased that our work has been honoured with the Automotive INNOVATIONS Award”, says Torsten Greiner, Edscha’s CEO. “With products like the Edscha Power Door, we are shaping the mobility of the future. We consider change to be a challenge that we gladly accept anew every day.”

PwC and the Center of Automotive Management have been honouring the most innovative achievements in the automotive industry since 2012 already. As part of the current study, a total of around 300 innovations made by automotive suppliers were evaluated. Awards were presented in five categories for the most outstanding innovations. This year's award winners were announced on 15 July in the “Digital Automotive Talk”, a streaming format in TV quality, hosted by German TV presenter Markus Lanz (ZDF). Viewers had exclusive insights into the strategies of the most innovative automotive manufacturers and suppliers.