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Register and Authorization

Any company who wishes to work with Gestamp must complete a registration and authorization Process.  Every supplier must complete the steps as detailed below:

First Step: Register into SRM-ACHILLES

If your company would like to be considered as a potential supplier to Gestamp, you must first register in the Supplier Risk Management (SRM) managed by Achilles.  This initiates the Gestamp Supplier Registration Process.  Once you have completed the SRM registration process, your information will be released to the Gestamp Supplier Portal, where suppliers can submit bids or manage material rejections related to quality issues.

SRM-ACHILLES Registration

In the next 24/48h, you will receive a notification email from Achilles with instructions on how to commence the SRM registration process. The SRM registration process commences with the completion of a simple Application Form. Two stages:

  • 1stStage - Mandatory/ Basic questionnaire: This entails the completion of a short online questionnaire that captures basic company information, including the products and services you current supply or are able to supply to Gestamp. 
  • 2ndStage/ Automotive Questionnaire and Additional Information: You will be required to complete Stage II if your company is considered as critical in terms of the potential impact it could have on our supply chain.  This entails completion of a more detailed questionnaire related to key compliance aspects.   The information required deeps in information related to Automotive Sector security normative.

Any doubt during this registration process will be supported by Achilles to help you via

Once the SRM registration process (managed by Achilles) is complete, an email will be sent to you from the Gestamp Supplier Portal confirming your registration, and including details of your Company Code and User Code.

Please note: Keep a record of your Company Code and User Code as you will need these to access the Gestamp Supplier Portal where the following are managed:

  •  Bids, Contract Awards

  • Non-conformities (if any)

Second Stage: Portal Supplier Authorization

To join the Gestamp Supplier’s Portal your company must first be registered in SRM managed by Achilles (see First Step).

Once the registration process is complete, an email will be sent to you from the Supplier Portal confirming your registration, and providing details of your Company Code and User Code to access the Supplier Portal.

Please, forward the confirmation email to your Gestamp contact, requesting authorization to access the Portal.

The responsible Purchasing Department will complete the internal authorization Process. Once authorized, a confirmation email will be sent to the supplier with the URL to set their own password to access the Supplier Portal.

Remember that you need access to the Gestamp Supplier Portal in order to submit bids for tender processes you have been invited to participate in.

Access to the Supplier´s Portal

Company Code
User Code

Forgotten credentials? Please contact with or call +34 91 729 12 18


If your Company has not yet registered in SRM managed by Achilles, you will need to request access to the registration process by completing a Contact Form:

SRM-ACHILLES Resgistration

If your Company is already registered in SRM, but you need to amend your information or add further documentation, you will need to log into the Achilles System using the relevant Username and Password. 

Modify Information

If you have any questions related to the registration process, please contact

If your Company has completed the registration in SRM managed by Achilles, but you have not received the authorization email from the Gestamp Supplier Portal, please contact to enquire about the status.

  • What is Achilles? Achilles is a company who covers solutions regarding supplier risk management, present in more than 20 countries. Achilles develops an individual supplier risk study for Gestamp, applying a predefined criticality matrix. In case of detect a potential risk, the supplier must completed the second stage, expanding your company information.

  • Which are the criteria to consider my Company with “potential risk”? When by the nature of the good, service or by invoicing volume could be affected our supply chain production or reputation a supplier will be identified as a potential risk.

  • My company has been identified as a potential risk to Gestamp’s supply chain, do I need to subscribe to Achilles? Yes, only strategic suppliers will be required to pay an annual fee to gain access to the Automotive Community, and be pre-qualified to submit tenders to other TIER-1 and OEMs currently working with ACHILLES. To find out more information regarding fees, please contact

  • What is the Gestamp Suplier’s Portal? It is the tool used to communicate with suppliers regarding bids, procurement and contracting awards; as well as material rejections related to quality issues.

  • If I have completed my registration with Achilles, does my Company need to register in the Gestamp Supplier Portal to submit a bit as part of a tender process? No, the information about your company you provide on the Achilles platform will be automatically transferred to the Gestamp Supplier Portal.

  • Why does my company information need to be in two systems? Because they are two different systems. Gestamp uses the SRM-Achilles System to manage the risk of contracting with a provider via a registration and pre-qualification process that also manages key documentation and certification related to quality aspects; the Gestamp Supplier Portal is used to manage tenders and contract awards to suppliers who have been invited to participate in tenders, and to manage possible material rejections.

  • So, do I have two users and two password accesses? Yes. They can coincide but they grant access to different systems and platforms.

  • I have registered my company in SRM-ACHILLEs, but I have not received the Register confirmation email from Portal. Please contact with to verify and request again that email.

In order to access the Gestamp Supplier Portal, you will need a Company Code, which will be used to identify the VAT number of your organisation and to allocate your User CodeThe latter is used to identify which members of your organisation are authorized to receive notifications of tenders and to manage quality issues. The main User can set up as many additional users as your company requires. Once your access to the Portal has been authorized, you can set up your own password.

SRM-ACHILLES Brochure.pdf and FAQ-English.pdf