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Monitoring of Supplier Quality

To ensure that our suppliers provide an excellent service, and to ensure an efficient supply chain, we have a system in place for monitoring the quality of suppliers, which provides a direct communication channel between suppliers and our production facilities. 

Through this Portal, the supplier can send us actions, improvement plans and specific forms pertaining to performance or quality issues related to material rejections.

Access to the Supplier´s Portal

Company Code
User Code

Forgotten credentials? Please contact with or call +34 91 729 12 18

  • Why do I have one Company Code and a User Code? To access to Supplier’s Portal you might dispose a Company Code, identifying the VAT number, and the User Code, which identifies each company member to access to Portal. Main User can grant access to Portal as many as your company requires.

  • How can I access to Supplier’s Portal? To receive access your company must complete the Registration and Authorization process. Please see Register and Authorization process. 


If you have any questions related to the authorisation process or how to submit an offer, please contact:

Suppliers Area call center: 902 02 60 00     Call outside from SPAIN: +34 91 729 12 18

Schedule (CET): Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 21:00. Friday: from 8:00 to 19:00


If you have any questions related to the registration process or documentation provision, contact