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One of Gestamp's premises is to control and minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

As manufacturers of automotive components, we leave an impact that must be taken into account throughout the life-cycle of the vehicle, and not just during the manufacturing stage of our parts. This is why we are committed to adapting and using the best techniques available in our facilities and to taking environmental issues into account when designing them.

It is essential that we, as a Group, analyze our risks and significant environmental issues in order to know where we should direct our efforts in environmental matters. One of the Group's guidelines is the requirement that all of our production facilities have a certified environmental management system. This guarantees legal compliance and the implementation of processes for monitoring and improving the environmental aspect of all of our centers.

Given our business type, the environmental issues on which we place the most emphasis are: raw material consumption, energy consumption in our processes, waste management, emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental awareness raising and training for our employees.