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Responsible Business

Responsible Business

At Gestamp, we want to do business in a responsible and sustainable way. We are focused on meeting with our clients ‘engagements, by always looking for excellence in management and operations and providing our innovation and development capacities and expertise.


 Operational Excellence

We seek efficiency in management and in operations to improve our competitiveness. We must be able to stand out in a competitive environment where quality, price, supply chain management and client services, together with technological capacities and R&D, are distinguishing elements.



At Gestamp, innovation is one of the most important keys to maintaining a strong and differentiated position in the automotive sector. 

Through innovation, we seek to anticipate new technological trends and to offer differentiated products that meet the requirements of efficiency, weight, cost, quality, safety, and sustainability. 

One of the most decisive factors for Gestamp is producing increasingly lighter products, insofar as the weight has a direct impact on the engine’s energy consumption and consequently on C02 Emissions, whose regulation is increasingly more restrictive with the emergence of new regulations. 

Safety is another of Gestamp’s lines of research and development. We focus on identifying formulas allowing to increase the safety of the vehicle passengers and of pedestrians. 

The products must, in turn, improve the comfort, durability, and recyclability at the end of the useful life of the vehicle. 

To do all this, we are seeking ways to apply new materials that are available worldwide with a consistent quality, to have manufacturing processes be effective and flexible throughout the production chain and that, as a whole, at a feasible cost.