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General Information

The shares and the Company’s share capital

The share capital of Gestamp Automoción, S.A. amounts to €287,757,180 and is divided into 575,514,360 shares of a face value of € 0.50 each, of the same class and series, fully subscribed and paid-up. All shares confer on their owners the same rights and obligations.

All the shares are admitted to trading on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia stock exchanges and are traded through the Spanish Automated Quotation System (Sistema de Interconexión Bursátil) (Continuous Market), in the general contracting segment. The ticker is GEST.

The following chart shows the changes recorded in the share capital:

Transaction Date of Deed Share Capital Currency Number of Shares
Incorporation 22/12/1997 11,710,000,000.00 PTAS. 1,171,000
Share Capital Increase 06/11/1998 13,710,000,000.00 PTAS. 1,371,000
Share Capital Increase 06/11/1998 17,137,500,000.00 PTAS. 1,713,750
Redenomination in Euros and
    Share Capital Decrease
18/10/1999 102,996,375.00 1,713,750
Share Capital Increase 18/10/1999 133,046,976.00 2,213,760
Share Capital Increase 11/07/2000 163,097,577.00 2,713,770
Share Capital Increase 27/04/2001 174,797,845.00 2,908,450
Share Capital Increase 18/05/2001 181,098,128.00 3,013,280
Share Capital Increase 12/07/2002 199,098,138.10 3,312,781
Share Capital Increase 25/07/2003 210,544,724.00 3,503,240
Share Capital Increase 22/12/2005 240,544,780.90 4,002,409
Share Capital Increase 10/12/2007 288,236,775.30 4,795,953
Share Capital Decrease 07/03/2017 287,757,180.00 4,795,953
Share Split 07/03/2017 287,757,180.00 575,514,360